Directors and Port Cluster Reps

LFA 33                                                                                   LFA 34

Patrick Gray Director                                                      Curtis Halliday Director

Victor Gray                                                                      Claredon Nickerson                                                        

David Lanteigne                                                              Chrisjon Stoddard

Burton Mitchell                                                                 Howard Ross                                                     

Vincent Boutilier                                                               Sheldon O'Connell                                                                          

Bryce Robinson                                                                Kevin Ross Director

Bill Hatt                                                                              John Ross                                                                           

Jeff Wagner Director & Treasurer                                    Steven d'Entremont                      

Dean Cook                                                                      Graham A. Deon

Cory Hirtle                                                                      Jules d'Entremont

Dana Hirtle                                                                    Michael Larkin Director

Peter Stewart                                                                Dennis Amiro                                                    

Victor Westhaver                                                           Ashton Spinney                                               

Malcolm Williams Director                                           Shawn Muise Director                                                   

Ernie Pierce                                                                  Bob Newell Director                                                       

Jody Dedrick Director                                                   Steve Maillet

Andrew Locke                                                               Matthew Theriault

Kevin Doane

Wilford Smith Director


Sambro, Halifax Co.


Stonehurst, Lunenburg Co.

Project Manager
+1 (902) 749-6233

Dan Fleck has accepted a position with the Brazil Rock 33 34 Lobster Association as a Project Manager.

Dan's primary duties will be the management of the Brazil Rock 33 34 Losbster Association's Lobster Quality Improvement Project 2020-2023, administrator of the new Brazil Roick 33 34 Lobster Association's website and day to day operations of the office in Tusket, Nova Scotia.

Dan brings 33 years of fisheries experience with him and is always availe to assist the members.


Cape Sable Island, Shelburne Co.


Gunning Cove, Shelburne Co.


Belleville, Yarmouth Co.


East Pubnico, Yarmouth Co.


Shag Harbour, Shelburne Co.


Port la Tour, Shelburne Co.


Lockeport, Shelburne Co.


Arcadia, Yarmouth Co.


Digby, Digby Co