Lobster Quality Improvement Project 2020-2023

The Brazil Rock 33 / 34 Lobster Association can now take applications, review and make recommendations for the Brazil Rock 33 / 34 Lobster Association Lobster Quality Improvement Project 2020-2023.

Please call 902-749-6233 to discuss

The Project was developed to assist members with purchasing equipment & technology to improve the holding practices for live lobsters on fishing vessels; preserving the quality, vitality and value of their catches.

This initiative aims to provide association members a streamlined process and quicker access to meet their needs.

Who is eligible to participate? Members of the Brazil Rock 33 / 34 Lobster Association.

What activities are eligible? The purchase and installation of onboard equipment & technology to maintain and enhance the quality of lobsters until they are offloaded.

Purchase and installation includes capital expenditures to acquire equipment & technology and contracted services for qualified professionals to install, retrofit and/or fit-up said equipment & technology onboard existing or new fishing vessels. Other direct project costs that are incremental, reasonable, and essential to carrying out the eligible activities may also be considered and assessed for eligibility.

The ability to measure and maintain water quality is a key component of this initiative and applicants are expected to include this component in projects where live wells are being outfitted / upgraded on a vessel. Projects focused on the acquisition of insulated seafood tubs to function as live wells on a vessel must have dedicated water pumps with a rating of at least 60 gallons per minute.

What is funded?  Generator, water circulation pumps, water quality monitoring equipment (systems or handheld devices), aeration pumps, electrical and panel upgrades, plumbing, diffuser pipes, flow meters, insulated seafood tubs.                           

What funding assistance is available? Eligible costs will be funded at a 75 percent assistance rate to a maximum non-refundable contribution of $45,000 per project.  Funding assistance will only be provided (i.e. reimbursed) on eligible costs incurred and paid based on receipts, invoices etc. for purchases made.

How do I apply to participate? Download, complete and submit the application form to brazilrock3334@gmail.com. If you require assistance or have questions, please contact us.

What happens after I apply?  The application will be reviewed and presented to the Project Review Committee (the Committee).  The Committee will make a recommendation to accept, deny or to revise the application.  All acceptance recommendations will be subject to due diligence checks (verifications). A response to your application should be provided within 4-6 weeks.

Other Stipulations

As this Project is being funded through the federal and provincial governments, applicants must be in good standing with both the federal and provincial departments of fisheries and the Nova Scotia Fisheries & Aquaculture Loan Board (if applicable).

Good standing refers to payments, compliance & enforcement and depending on the nature and frequency of a violation or offence you may be denied funding support under the project.

Applicants must also disclose if they have any overdue amounts owed to the Crown.

Applicants must clearly indicate all sources of funding for their project and provide confirmation of all sources of funding (e.g. confirmation of bank loan or equity for the balance of project financing).

Detailed invoices identifying / itemizing capital expenditure and contracted services must be provided. Taxes and other government fees (if applicable) must be clearly delineated.

Applicants are required to sign a Declaration and Consent form to use their personal information under the Project.

Costs incurred prior to January 29, 2020 are not eligible for funding assistance.

Association members funded under the Project must retain control and possession of the assets funded for a minimum of two (2) years following the project completion date. Failure to do so WILL result in full repayment.