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Brazil Rock 33 34 Lobster Association is a founding member of the South West Lobster Science Society. Industry-led lobster research: By fishermen, for fishermen bycatch data collection & Lobster tagging. The Southwest Lobster Science Society’s at-sea bycatch monitoring program is an industry-led initiative that provides an opportunity for fishermen to demonstrate 'strength in numbers' and to be stewards of their own fishery. The bycatch data we collect, as well as the data from our own lobster tagging program, will provide valuable insight on the fishery to ensure its sustainability for future generations.

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South West Lobster Science Society Lobster Tagging Project

The Southwest Lobster Science Society (SWLSS) has launched a large-scale lobster tagging project that aims to provide a better understanding of the lobster stocks on which our local economies depend. The project objectives include: gathering data on lobster movement and growth; provide data on the health of lobster stocks; and monitoring the survivability of undersized lobsters when returned to the ocean by harvesters.
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